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Textile Abrasion Resistance Test

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1 Relevant Standards for Determination of Abrasion Resistance of Textiles at Home and Abroad The so-called abrasion refers to the phenomenon that fabrics are gradually damaged by repeated friction with another object. Abrasion resistance of textile is the characteristic of textile to resist abrasion. Practice has shown that abrasion is one of the main causes…

Textiles Test of Dimensional Change Rate During Washing

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Washing change directly affects the garment’s shape and aesthetics, thus affecting its use and wearing. Therefore, the rate of washing dimension change is a crucial index for testing garment quality. In this article, we’ll explore the demands of international buyers for washing dimension change. Then, we’ll explain the comparison of testing methods for the rate…

How Does SmartShrink Rate Tester Boost Your Testing Efficiency?

shrinkage rate tester

Fabric shrinkage is a common phenomenon that occurs when fabric is exposed to heat or washing, resulting in a reduction in size. It can have significant implications for product manufacturing and development, affecting the fit, quality, and performance of garments. Manufacturers need to have a thorough understanding of fabric shrinkage in order to provide accurate…