InnoFlex Bally Flexing Tester

InnoFlex Bally Flexing Tester is equipped with advanced servo motors for precise positioning, and a stable testing process, achieving more accurate and reliable test results. It is a smart instrument that can be connected to the SmarTexLab app installed in your smartphone via WIFI, which allows you to remotely set the parameters and monitor the testing process, greatly improving work efficiency. With a noise level of only 60 dB, it is user-friendly and durable. Suitable for a wide range of testing standards, such as ISO 5402-1:2017, ISO 32100:2018, ISO 20344-2011, and SATRA TM55.

InnoFlex Bally Flexing Tester also known as InnoFlex Leather Folding Endurance Tester, is used to test the flexing resistance of leather, cloth, and other materials. Take one side of the sample as the inner side, and the other side as the outer side, then InnoFlex will bend the sample back and forth until the damage occurs, or bend a certain number of times to see the degree of damage, to determine the sample flexing strength.