WashTrue Colour Fastness Tester

The WashTrue Colour Fastness Tester is also called the Launder-Ometer. It tests color fastness to washing. It uses a smart temperature control algorithm. This ensures the color fastness test meets the standards and gives reliable results. It applies to standards such as ISO 105 C06:2010, AATCC61-2013e3, GB/T 12490-2014, M&S C4A, and AATCC190-2010e2 (2016) e2. It also applies to NEXT TM 02, and others.

You can make a series of selections on the touch screen. You can select standards, parameters, time, and temperature. You can add water, drain water, etc. It is smart and efficient. The buzzer alarms when the color fastness to washing test finishes. Also, you can use sample-making equipment for wash color fastness to test. It improves the efficiency of color fastness to washing.