ICI Mace Snag Tester

SmartSnag ICI Mace Snag Tester determines the degree of hooking (yarn pulls out of the fabric) under normal wear. It can test the hooking of outerwear knitted fabrics and other fabrics that are prone to hooking. This includes chemical fibers, filaments, and their deformed yarn.

The test’s principle is this: set the cylinder-shape sample on the cylinder. Then, place a chain-hanging nail hammer on the sample. The cylinder rotates at a constant speed. The hammer is randomly flipped and jumped on the specimen’s surface. This process causes the fabric to gradually produce hooks.

After a set number of rotations, the sample is taken down. We use a rating lightbox. Under the light, we compare the sample’s hooking degree with the standard hooking level photo. The anti-hooking level is categorized into 5 (no hooking) to 1 (serious). The snag tester has Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. It can connect via WIFI to SmarTexLab, an APP, to do smart testing.