Fabric Tensile Strength Tester(Dual Column Type)

The SmartPull Fabric Tensile Strength Tester, also known as Textile Tensile Testing Machine, or Tensile Tester, is used to test the tension, compression, bending, bursting, shearing, and peeling of materials (fabric, leather, plastic, paper, etc.). A computer can control the equipment. It collects precise data, analyzes it, and outputs test results and reports.

SmartPull Fabric Tensile Tester is AC servo-driven. It has ball screws to give stable pulling force and achieve higher testing accuracy. There are many safety designs to protect the tensile testing machine. They also guarantee the operator’s safety. The SmartPull Fabric Tensile Strength Tester meets many international standards. These include ISO 9073-3, ISO13934-1/2, ASTM D5034, ASTM D5035, ISO 3377-2, ISO 13937-3, FZ/T 01030, GB/T 19976, and more.