Fiber Oil Extractor

The QuicExtra Fiber Oil Extractor uses the principles of penetration and evaporation of solvents (e.g., petroleum ether, ethyl ether, or other organic solvents) to dissolve oils in fabric fibers. This method detects oil in wool and synthetic fibers.

The process is: to cut the fabric into small pieces. Put the sample into the metal tube. Add the right amount of solvent. Ensure that the solvent and the sample are in full contact, which in turn dissolves the oils and fats. Put weights on the metal tube. This will speed up the dissolution and filtration of the oils and fats. It will let them separate from the sample. The solvent and oil will drip from the bottom of the tube onto the heating plate. The solvent will slowly evaporate, leaving only the oil. Finally, weigh the remaining oil. Then, divide it by the initial sample mass to find the oil amount.