Sample Cutting Machine

The SmartCut Fabric Sample Cutting Machine can complete the sampling of fabrics within 3 minutes.

It can be connected with the customer’s ERP or LIMS system docking through the network port, then automatically gets the test item information from the scanning of the bar code. Then the SmartCut fabric sample-cutting machine will lay out the sample graphics of the items to be tested following the standard requirements through a unique algorithm.

Next step, the sample graphics will be projected on the fabric and the SmartCut fabric sample cutting machine will start cutting fabric samples, automatically marking the samples as the the customer’s settings.

It is suitable for sampling requirements of dozens of tests such as pilling, tearing strength, water repellency, anti-static, tensile strength, color fastness, flammability, etc. It supports various standards such as GB/T, FZ/T, ISO, EN, JIS L, AATCC, ASTM, CAN, AS, and so on. We also provide other types of textile sample-cutting machines.