SmartCrock Crockmeter tests the color fastness of textiles or leather to dry or wet rubbing. In the crock meter test, a standard white rubbing cloth is rubbed repeatedly against a sample at a certain speed. After the rub test,  you can rate color fastness by comparing the color depth of the friction cloth with the standard grey card. They do this under a standard light.

The crock tester is fully automatic. It repeats rubbing. The rubbing head can lift up and down on its own. The fixture can hold dry and wet samples at once. The loading table can be shifted left and right. This makes it easy to quickly do the dry and wet rubbing color fastness test. It reduces the influence of manual operation on the test results. What’s more, it saves 20% of the test time and saves labor at the same time.

SmartCrock Crockmeter applies to ISO 105×12, GB/T 3920, AATCC 8, ISO 20433 Method C, and other standards, suitable for testing cotton, chemical fiber, blended and other colored fabrics and leather.