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Tensile Strength Test for Fabrics

Textiles suffer many types of damage in daily use. Tensile, compression, bending, and friction cause the most important effects. These forces lead to fracture, tearing, and breaking. So, the textile’s tensile, tearing, and breaking properties directly affect the product’s durability. They also determine the textile’s quality. Tensile strength testing assesses the basic properties of textiles….

The Complete Guide of Dual Column Type Tensile Tester

SmartPull Tensile Tester (Dual Type)

Ever wondered what a Dual Column Type Tensile Tester is all about? You’ve come to the right place! In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn: How do dual-column-type tensile testers work? Which industries use them? What makes them unique? That’s not it. You will also find out how choosing the right tester can make or break your…

The Most Complete FAQs about Tensile Tester

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Meet the powerhouse in material testing—the Universal Testing Machine (UTM), or as we call it, the tensile testing machine! This incredible gadget pulls and squeezes raw materials or parts to check how strong they are in both tension and compression. Whether you’re into quality checks or diving into research projects, the UTM has your back,…

Breaking Strength and Elongation of Textile Fabrics-ASTM D 5034-Grab Method

SmartPull Tensile Tester

Scope of application This method provides for testing the breaking strength and elongation of textiles by the grab method or modified grab method. Tests may also be carried out with the sample in the wet state. The grab method can be used to test woven, woollen or shrink-woven fabrics, whereas the modified grab method is…