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Interpretation of fabric tearing series standards:GB/T3917、ISO13937、ASTMD1424:2009

While wearing it, the fabric above the yarn can hook on other objects and tear. It will either rupture or be partially clamped and torn in half. A fabric tear causes this damage. Definition of terms Tearing Strength is the force needed to extend the initial cut in a specimen. This happens under specified conditions….

The Most Practical 15 FAQs of Elmendorf Tear Test

Introduction: Ensuring a fabric’s functionality and durability in the textile industry is paramount.  A crucial aspect of achieving this is evaluating a fabric’s resistance to tearing. This resistance, known as tear strength, determines how well a fabric can withstand rips, snags, or punctures during everyday use or under specific application demands. Imagine a scenario where…

A Complete Guide of the Elmendorf Tear Testing

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Fabric tear resistance is crucial for safety, product durability, and customer satisfaction. The Elmendorf test is a standardized method widely used across industries. It helps quantitatively measure a material’s ability to withstand tearing forces. This test ensures materials meet rigorous standards, from traditional textiles to advanced composites. The meticulous test procedure involves careful specimen preparation,…

Tear Resistance Test on Fabrics

With the progress of science and technology and the development of society, textile production technology and textile quality have been continuously improved and developed, and people have higher and higher requirements for textile-taking performance. Consumers have started to pay attention to the quality of textiles while pursuing their colour, pattern, function and quality. In addition…