Pneumatic Burst Tester

This AirBurst Pneumatic Burst Tester tests the strength of textiles, films, paper, and foam. It has a simple structure, making it easier to operate and maintain.

Principle of the AirBurst bursting strength testing machine: clamps the sample on the diaphragm. It applies air pressure beneath the diaphragm. A high-precision sensor monitors the pressure in real time. The control panel displays the pressure data. The air pressure will increase. The sample will eventually rupture. It will happen under a certain pressure. This pressure is the maximum atmospheric pressure at the moment of rupture. This pressure is the bursting strength of the sample. The instrument records and shows the value.

Four test modes are available: constant speed, constant pressure, constant dilatancy, and timed expansion. They can better show how much the sample resists expansion.

Bursting strength testers are usually categorized as hydraulic or pneumatic. HydroBurst hydraulic BS tester is for tests that need higher and more stable pressure. This includes tests on high-strength textiles and leather.