“This is the instrument we’re looking for.” Who is appreciated by the International Brand Textile Testing Lab ?

From November 19-23, 2023, China International Textile Machinery Exhibition & ITMA Asia was once again grandly held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), with more than 1,500 textile machinery manufacturers from 23 countries and regions exhibiting, and exhibits covering the whole industry chain of spinning, weaving, knitting, printing, dyeing and finishing, chemical fiber, non-woven, embroidery, sewing, weaving, anti-fouling, experimental and packaging, and 87 items of 18 categories of related equipment and textile chemicals. There were 87 items in 18 categories, including related equipment and textile chemicals, and six exhibition halls of the National Convention and Exhibition Center were opened, with an exhibition scale of more than 160,000 square meters.

itma asia 2023

This year’s exhibition showed many highlights: compared with the previous exhibition, the number of exhibitors increased by 15%, new exhibitors accounted for 1/3, and overseas exhibitors exceeded 20%. It shows that the whole industrial chain of the textile industry is recovering worldwide and the influence of the Chinese market is getting stronger.



Digitalization and Sustainability

At this year’s China International Textile Machinery Exhibition, almost every exhibit is inseparable from digitalization, intelligence, and sustainability, such as many spinning machine enterprises, which launched intelligent production lines for spinning, polyester filament, knitting, dyeing, and printing, nonwovens and garment sewing. At the same time 5G, AI Internet +, big data, and other new technologies have also begun to be applied in the textile machinery industry. Many buyers have said that when purchasing textile machinery, they also value its advantages in energy saving and emission reduction. In the textile testing instrument industry, ChiuVention, with “the digital future of textile testing” as the engine, stood out with a series of intelligent textile testing instruments and SmarTexLab intelligent textile laboratory system, which became a unique landscape at the 2023 Asia Spinning Machinery Exhibition.



 “Smaller Order, Rapid Response Mode

“Smaller Order, Rapid Response” Mode refers to the factory first providing small batch production of different styles of products, doing market testing, and then choosing the “top sale product” for massive production, to maximize profits, textile factories in the past massive, order-based production model, but now to cope with consumer demand for personalized customization and reduce the backlog of inventory, “Smaller Order, Rapid Response” Mode in the textile industry is more and more prevalent, so the textile enterprises also need more flexible and refined textile machines and instruments that can be adapted to this mode.


Based on this, the textile machinery and equipment factories dived into hard work in the epidemic two years, for research and development of new equipment in high efficiency, energy saving, digitalization, intelligence, and automation on the larger breakthroughs, such as weaving: high-speed, high needle, high density; dyeing and finishing: high efficiency, energy-saving, water-saving, short process and functional product-specific equipment; printing: high-speed, high-efficiency digital printing, sizing and digital printing equipment.



Similarly, in textile testing, ChiuVention also follows the “Smaller Order, Rapid Response”  to create a smart textile laboratory management system, SmarTexLab, based on the concept of lean production; and connects intelligent instruments and SmarTexLab to form an intelligent laboratory by using the IoT technology and connects it to the factory’s ERP or laboratory LIMS.  It makes testing more transparent, 30% faster, and 20% more accurate! Thus speeding up the quality management of textiles, facilitating enterprises to make quick decisions, and speeding up order turnover.



Evaluation Received from ITMA Asia 2023

“This is the instrument we are looking for.”

This is the comment from several brand textile testing lab managers. The pain points currently faced by textile testing labs are a large number of manual operations (sample cutting, repeated transcription of sample information, statistics of data, test report summarization, etc.), low efficiency, and inevitable manual errors. ChiuVention’s SmarTexLab Intelligent Textile Laboratory, equipped with SmartCut intelligent sample cutting system and a series of intelligent testing instruments, as well as SmarTexLab data processing software, realizes the intelligent automation of textile testing, from sample preparation to information entry, sample identification, and testing, to test report generation and data summarization, greatly reducing the number of manual operations. It greatly reduces the manual operation, thus shortening the testing time by 30% for the laboratory as a whole.



The specific process is as follows:

Type the sample information into the system and select the test requirements to generate a series of QR codes;

An intelligent sample-cutting system scans the code of the sample, the sample is cut at once;

The experimenter obtains the sample after receiving the notification, sweeps the code, and installs the sample in the instrument, and the series of instruments automatically sets up the program and completes the test;

All the original records such as sample information and test results will be uploaded to the SmarTexLab system and all the test items will be summarized to generate a report;

SmarTexLab is connected with ERP or LIMS, etc. so that the relevant parties can view the test reports in real-time on their smartphones or computers.

The digitalization of textile testing is the trend, and ChiuVention has already embarked on the journey.



“It’s the first time I’ve heard of it. It looks like an international brand.”

“What country are you from” “Why haven’t I seen this before” “The appearance of these products, like a top 3 brand”… …

These are the comments of many textile factory leaders. ITMA ASIA 2023 is the first stop for ChiuVention to hit the domestic market. We became the spotlight at ITMA 2023 in Milan, Italy, this summer, which is a real stage worldwide.

Therefore, many Chinese textile enterprises are not familiar with us, ChiuVention brand was registered in Europe, the United States, and China. ChiuVention is designed by the German team, specializing in textile footwear and apparel intelligent testing instruments, formerly known as the TESTEX was established in 2010.


In 2020, ChiuVention started the digital way and integrated the wisdom of the Chinese and German teams to create excellence in the brand image product function, and appearance design, so that it has become a school of its own, with a remarkable style.

ChiuVention is sold in 42 countries and regions around the world. Over the past ten years, ChiuVention has gained a good reputation by serving third-party testing organizations such as BV, SGS, Intertek, and sports and fashion brands such as NIKE, Adidas, Anta, Decathlon, and so on.


“I am very excited by the innovative instruments and equipment”

In this exhibition, ChiuVention also attracted high attention from overseas customers. Customers from Poland, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and Bangladesh highly recognize our product design and appearance. They said that the biggest reward of this exhibition is viewing our exclusive and innovative instruments and equipment, such as SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester (measuring various shrinkage data in 5 seconds), ProPress Sample Punching and Cutting Machine (specializing in cutting samples for formaldehyde, heavy metal and pH testing), SmartCut Fabric Sample Cutting System (completing fabric sampling in 3 minutes), etc. They are very interested in this and will start the fieldwork after the exhibition.


“Very stunning product to inspire our dissertation”

“Excellent product image,” “Very forward-looking design,” “Another good material for my thesis.”

ChiuVention also won the favor of many textile universities and research institutions, who said that the meaning of visiting an exhibition is to find “new, strange and special exhibits”, for the textile universities, the textile teaching theories and the most cutting-edge technology should be in line. A professor from a university in Suzhou said that ChiuVention’s intelligent and automated textile testing instruments and SmarTexLab intelligent textile laboratory system have greater research value, and hoped to establish school-enterprise cooperation with ChiuVention to take ChiuVention’s products as the object of research, to help textile universities to cultivate talents more adapted to the times and guide the rapid transformation and upgrading of the industry.


The 2023 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia was a worthwhile trip for ChiuVention. We harvested a very positive evaluation, but also know that the road is long, in the digitalization process of textile testing, ChiuVention needs to truly solve customers’ pain points, to get long-term development in the field of intelligent textile testing instruments.