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Washing color fastness: the most complete summary of sampling methods

What is the colour fastness of the washing test? The colour fastness to washing test simulates the degree of colour fastness of textiles to different detergents and washing environments. There are various methods of laboratory colour fastness to washing test, and different test methods may have certain differences in temperature, washing solution and drying procedures….

Effect of various spinning methods on yarn properties

There are differences in the effects of different staple fibre spinning processes on the yarn’s physical properties and appearance, and even on the characteristics of the final product. Different spinning methods on yarn structure, the structure of staple fibre yarn is different from that of filament. The first is the arrangement of fibres on the…

Fabric’s Pre-shrinking Finishing and Problem Prevention

Fabric’s Pre-Shrinking Finishing And Problem Prevention

Consumers, whether in the international or domestic market, are demanding more and more dimensional stability in garments. Especially in the international market, the special requirements of shrinkage prevention, superior shrinkage prevention and super shrinkage prevention are constantly put forward for fabrics. For the production of printing and dyeing enterprises, shrinkage is a nuisance. Purpose of…

Accuracy and Stability of Colour Fastness Assessment Results

smart washing color fastness tester

Colour fastness of textiles has been listed as one of the important indexes of eco-textiles, which is an important test item involving consumers’ personal health, safety and hygiene. This article will give you a detailed introduction to multiple test items such as water resistance, sweat resistance, saliva resistance, and rubbing colour fastness test, based on…