Smart Textile Testing Equipment: Revolutionizing Quality Control in the Textile Industry

Find the best textile testing solutions for your quality control needs. Chiuvention, a leading textile testing equipment manufacturer&supplier, has been involved in high-tech smart textile testing tester manfuacturing for over 20 Years. Whether you need to test tensile strength, colorfastness, or other textile properties, we have high-tech equipment that delivers accurate and consistent results. Our comprehensive range of testing machines integrate the latest technologies such as IoT, RFID, AI, Visual Detection – to streamline your quality assurance processes. Shop from our wide selection of textile testing instruments today and take your quality standards to the next level.

Reliable Textile Testing Equipment Manufacturer

As a high-tech intelligent textile testing equipment manufacturer, Chiuvention has been increasing its investment in R&D in recent years to promote the upgrading of textile testing equipment. We have successively developed a series of products like SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester,AirFicient Air Permeability Tester,SmartFill Liquid Filling Machine,HydroBurst Bursting Strength Tester,etc. Our products cover every stage of textile testing.

Our products have intelligent automation control, simple and easy to operate, accurate test results, fast report and other characteristics, can easily help you to improve the efficiency of textile testing.

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Chiuvention provides smart fabric testing equipment and solutions for quality control needs at every stage of textile manufacturing.

Medical Masks,Protective Clothing

Cotton, Wool, Fiber



Leather, Shoes

Zipper Button, Fastening Tape

Gloves, Socks





Abrasion, Piling, Snagging

Bursting, Tear, Tensile

Colour Fastness Testing

Air, Water, Vapour,


Flammability Testing

Dyeing, Finishing, Testing


Fineness, Thickness, Length,
Density, Twist

Softness, Stiffness

Shrinkage, Dimensional,


GSM, Cutter


Climatic Chamber


Classic Cases

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