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ChiuVention is former for the digital future of textile testing. Its mission is user-oriented. It aspires to create digital smarts for the textile industry. It makes easy-to-use smart textile testing instruments. From 2020 to now, we have focused on independent research and development. We have deeply studied textile enterprises. We spent lots of money and manpower to keep innovating. Now we have seen the results. We have put SmarTexLab systems on the market. They are for intelligent textile labs. We have also put 15 intelligent textile testing instruments on the market. This also attracts some customers to visit ChiuVention. They come to visit and get guided.

Japan’s Largest Testing Organisation Visited ChiuVention to Discuss Textile Intelligent Testing in Depth

On 10th March 2024, three executives from Japan’s biggest testing organisation had a nice chat with Mr. Li. He is from ChiuVention’s R&D department. They also met Mr. Qiu from the business department and Ms. Sara from the sales engineers. Their company is the largest textile testing organisation in Japan. It has a long history, founded in 1948. It has 16 laboratories in China and Japan. There is a huge demand for upgrading textile testing with digital intelligence. This visit is to discuss ChiuVention and SmarTexLab. We will see if we can quickly cooperate. Both sides in the ChiuVention lab took turns. They discussed the smart instruments. They communicated every detail. Before, the R & D Li and Qiu manager, etc. shared the initial plans for each instrument and its smart features. They also shared its uses. They got a warm response from the customers. For large-scale textile enterprises and testing institutions, ChiuVention is undoubtedly the ideal choice. We look forward to both parties working together. They will help the popularity and promotion of textile testing digital intelligence.

Textile Testing Industry Expert Visits, Authoritatively Explains Qianwei Intelligent Testing

Client profile

On 24 April 2024, Dr Carlvin YM Lam visited ChiuVention. He is a guest lecturer at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He was also a director of AATCC (2013-2016) and a Vice President of Hong Kong Leveraging Group. Dr.Carlvin YM Lam has worked as a director in an internationally renowned third party testing organisation. He set it up when he worked for Intertek Testing Services HK Ltd. It was the Global Multi-functional Material Development and Testing Technology Working Group. The technology was used for the newly developed markets for ball sports and leisure apparel. This included field-oriented sportswear and multi-functional apparel (like reversed reflective materials). He has successfully served the world’s top sports brands, such as Nike and Adidas. He has also worked for Nike and Adidas. Nike, Adidas, etc. We also set up a new global approval program for Nike’s supplier color labs. It is still in use today. At SGS HK Ltd, we made new textile labs for global suppliers. These were for clients like Coach. We also made new testing tech to improve our clients’ testing and inspection services. The experts who visited ChiuVention also included Henley, President of GTE Group. GTE is the Asia Pacific distributor of world-famous testing supplies such as SDC. Also visiting was Thompson, President of F-TEX Group.

Customer guidance exchange

Dr. Carlvin YM Lam said he would like to know more about ChiuVention SmarTexLab. It is a series of smart textile testing instruments. Forrest is the General Manager of ChiuVention. Alvin is the R&D Director, and Ben is the Sales Manager. They were warmly received by Dr. Carlvin YM Lam. In addition, Dr. Carlvin YM Lam also highly recognised ChiuVention’s unique calibration method. It will be a great tool for ChiuVention to stand out. He also provided a lot of valuable advice and suggestions for ChiuVention’s development. And he has many years of experience in the textile testing industry. He has high hopes for ChiuVention’s SmarTexLab system. He hopes to see ChiuVention make textile testing faster and more accurate worldwide! This will help the textile and fashion industry. It will help them to develop faster and in a greener way! Next, ChiuVention will have more detailed product and tech talks with Dr. Carlvin YM Lam’s team.

Secretary General Zhang and his group visited ChiuVention,They guided the direction of testing for smart textiles.

Client profile

On 10th May 2024, Zhang Hui visited ChiuVention. He is the Deputy General Manager. He works at China Textile Standard Inspection and Certification Co., Ltd. And he also is the Deputy Secretary General of the National Textile Standard Committee. He is also the Secretary General of the Basic Standard Sub-committee. In the discussion of smart testing instruments, the two sides were ChiuVention’s Qiu Xiaolin, Li Fumin, and others. They spoke to the Secretary General and his group. They explained ChiuVention’s brand concept and its current situation. Mr. Zhang is the Secretary General of the National Textile Standard Committee.

Customer guidance exchange

He praised ChiuVention’s brand concept. He is optimistic about ChiuVention’s prospects. ChiuVention has decades of experience in making textile testing standards (GB/T). They know the current state of the domestic textile testing industry well. At the same time, Secretary General Zhang thinks ChiuVention’s smart testing tools are most competitive. They lead in “innovation”. But, new tests mean that some standards are missing. So, ChiuVention should fully validate new testing methods. And, work hard to form a perfect standard for them. So, ChiuVention is working to validate the new test method. They are also working to develop a full test standard for wider use. In the ChiuVention lab, the two sides had a deep and lively talk. They discussed the machine’s design and the smart instrument’s calibration. And they also talked about the instrument’s details, its uses, and filling market gaps. They came up with valuable and doable ideas. Finally, the secretary-general and his entourage hope for big things from ChiuVention. They hope it will keep to the long-term plan. This will help the smart textile testing to aid the textile industry more. It will also help the national brand of smart testing tools to spread worldwide. ChiuVention will keep working hard to satisfy customers. They will make textile lab tests faster and more accurate. They will do this with a digital intelligence and smart test instruments.

The Italian Quality Service Agency LBS visited ChiuVention,They came to discuss working together on smart inspection of luxury goods.

Client profile

On 15th May 2024, ChiuVention welcomed Mr. Luca Cartocci. He is the CEO of LBS, an Italian luxury service agency. Italy is the main birthplace of luxury goods. It has given birth to many luxury brands, such as GIORGIO ARMANI, GUCCI, FENDI, VALENTINO, and BVLGARI. LBS is the company that serves these luxury brands. LBS has a long history. It has branches in Europe and Asia. And it helps many fashionable luxury brands in Europe and the United States. It helps them with technology development, testing, and quality control. The services of LBS go like this: it researches and analyses the products of luxury brands. Then, they work together to develop testing and quality control services. These are based on the local laws, the industry’s needs, and the luxury products’ requirements. The company will work out the standardised and non-standardised tests. They will include the test types, test ratios, judgment criteria, and test process and control. The tests will be based on the local laws and regulations. They will also cover the industry’s traits. They will also consider the quality of the luxury products and accessories.

Customer guidance exchange

During this visit, Mr. Luca Cartocci and his team aimed to understand ChiuVention’s SmarTexLab. They wanted to understand its smart textile testing tools. They also aimed to explore cooperation in testing for luxury goods. Mr Luca Cartocci and his party were warmly received. Mr. Luca Cartocci and his team visited ChiuVention’s smart textile lab. They gained a deep understanding of over 10 tools, such as SmartShrink, Smartindale, AirFicient, and SmartDry. They were very impressed with the lab and the tool quality. Mr. Luca Cartocci and his team praised ChiuVention’s efforts. They praised them on every instrument. This includes appearance design, function design, and detail innovation. Mr. Luca Cartocci and his team greatly appreciated the smarts and reliability of SmarTexLab. It can greatly improve their quality team’s efficiency. It also provides quality services for many luxury brands faster and better. This helps luxury brands recognize LBS. At the same time, Mr. Luca Cartocci and his team also put forward the testing needs for luxury goods. ChiuVention’s R&D team said they are very happy to research with LBS. They will design smart testing instruments and solutions with LBS’s needs. LBS is a new segment, and they are looking forward to “sprouting” in this blank market. ChiuVention looks forward to talking with LBS about the project. They also look forward to helping test luxury goods.


For large-scale textile enterprises and testing organisations, ChiuVention is undoubtedly the ideal choice. ChiuVention comes from German design. It has made smart testing tools. And it did this by mixing cutting-edge tech, like RFID, visual inspection, IoT, and AI. It also made a smart lab system, called SmarTexLab, based on lean manufacturing. SmarTexLab connects smart tools and IoT to form a smart lab. It links to factory ERP or lab LIMS to make testing and production fully digital. This makes testing see-through, faster, and more accurate!

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