List of experiments on fibres, yarns, fabrics and other textile materials

Textile Experiments is an experimental textbook describing the structure and performance testing of textile materials. Its main content is: textile fibres, yarns, fabrics of the basic structural parameters of the test: textile fibres, yarns, fabrics of various physical properties of the test; textile fibres, yarns, fabrics of the quality assessment. Each experiment includes the preparation of samples, basic working principle of the instrument, the use of the instrument, test data collation and index calculation and other aspects. Through the experiment, familiar with the various structural parameters of textile materials, physical properties of the interconnection.
Textile materials experiment is an important practical link in the teaching of textile materials courses, it is coordinated with the theoretical teaching to complete the textile materials of all the lecture programmes and teaching requirements. Thus for the future students in the textile production to lay a professional foundation, but also for the future engaged in textile testing, commodity inspection and domestic and foreign trade business to prepare the necessary conditions.

Fibre experiment

Experiment 1: Cotton quality and hand tugging length test
Experiment 2 Raw cotton impurity test
Experiment 3 Textile fibre slice production
Experiment 4 Textile fibre identification
Experiment 5 Oven method of textile fibre moisture test
Experiment 6 Electrometry raw cotton moisture test
Experiment 7 Weighing method of cotton fibre fineness test
Experiment 8: Cotton and Wool Fibre Fineness Test by Airflow Meter Method
Experiment 9: Wool Fibre Fineness Test by Microprojector
Experiment 10: Raw Cotton Sample Strip Production
Experiment 11 Roller method of cotton fibre length test
Experiment 12: Wool and Ramie Fibre Length Test by Carding Method
Experiment 13: Chemical short fibre length test
Experiment 14: Electronic Fibre Tensile Test
Experiment 15 Tow Fibre Strength Test
Experiment 16 Polarised light method for cotton fibre maturity test
Experiment 17: Cotton Fibre Maturity Test by Medium Cavity Cell Wall Contrast Method
Experiment 18: Fibre curl and curl elasticity test
Experiment 19 Roller type fibre friction coefficient test
Experiment 20 Wool grease and chemical fibre oil content test experiment
21 Fibre Specific Resistance Test

Yarn Experiments

Experiment 22 Yarn Diameter Test
Experiment 23 Yarn line density test
Experiment 24 Deformed silk thread density test
Experiment 25 Yarn dryness uniformity test
Experiment 26 Yarn twist test
Experiment 27: Tight elongation and tight elastic recovery of deformed yarn.
Experiment 28 Single yarn elongation test
Experiment 29 Yarn elasticity test
Experiment 30 Cotton Yarn Simplicity Lake Return Rate Test
Experiment 31 Yarn Hairiness Test
Experiment 32 Polyester/cotton blended yarn blending ratio test
Experiment 33 Cotton colour yarns and other tests
Experiment 34 Fabric length, width and thickness test

Fabric experiments

Experiment 35 Woven fabric warp and weft yarn density and tightness test
Experiment 36 Woven fabric warp and weft yarn density test
Experiment 37 Knitted fabric loop length and yarn density test
Experiment 38 Fabric shrinkage test
fabric shrinkage rate calculation
Experiment 39 Fabric tensile breaking strength test
SmartPull Tensile Tester
Experiment 40 Fabric tear strength test
ElmenGuide Elmendorf Tear Tester
Experiment 41: Abrasion resistance of fabrics
Experiment 42: Pilling test
Smartindale Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester1 (1)
Experiment 43: Compressibility of fabrics
Experiment 44: Surface abrasion test
Lab 45 Interweaving resistance of fabrics
Experiment 46: Fabric bending test
Experiment 47: Textile arching and deformation test
Experiment 48 Textile material electrostatic test
Experiment 49: Hooking test
Experiment 50: Fabric crease recovery test
Experiment 51 Textile drape test
Experiment 52: Fabric insulation test
Experiment 53: Air permeability of textile
Air Permeability Tester
Experiment 54 On water permeability of fabrics
Experiment 55: Tests on natural cotton fabrics, etc.
Experiment 56 Knitted light blank cloth a cotton natural colour sweat cloth and cotton double-sided cloth physical index test
Experiment 57 Knitted polyester outerwear fabric inner quality test

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