Indonesian Customers Visit: Seeking ChiuVention’s Smart Testing Solutions

On 20 July 2023, Seven customers from Indonesia to ChiuVention, those customers who are the head of the Indonesian government department’s textile agency, the head of Adidas’ main supplier’s lab, the head of SGS’ lab, three textile industry customers, and Chiuvention’s agent in Indonesia. In order to enhance the level of digital intelligence in Indonesia’s textile industry, a group of people took the trouble to come to visit SmartTexlab in ChiuVention and a series of intelligent textile testing instruments, and to discuss the contribution of ChiuVention in the field of textile testing.

Seven Indonesian Customers Visit to ChiuVention: Seeking Smart Testing Solutions

At the beginning of the meeting, Forrest Chiu, General Manager of ChiuVention Instrument LTD., expressed a warm welcome to the customers’ visit, gave an in-depth introduction of the company’s basic situation, corporate culture, and SmarTexLab, and fully demonstrated how ChiuVention’s smart textile testing machinery is combined with the IoT technology to connect with the SmarTexLab system on mobile phones and computer terminals.

Afterward, Mr Chiu led the customers to get a close look at SmarTexLab for the first time, introducing that ChiuVention’s machinery applies cutting-edge RFID, visual inspection, and other technologies as well as a variety of sensors to the textile instruments, and wirelessly interconnects them with smartphones and computers through the IoT technology, and combines them with AI algorithms, which can shorten the lab inspection time by about 30%, greatly reducing the total production cycle and letting the traditional manufacturing keeping up with the speed of fast fashion. ChiuVention’s smart testing instruments can also reduce laboratory labor costs by about 40%. In addition, our instruments can access digital transmission to achieve paperless, helping the laboratory to achieve sustainability in the testing process.

During the meeting, one of the customers, Mr. Ganda Wijaya, who is a lab manager from SGS showed great interest in ChiuVention’s digital solutions, mentioning that through ChiuVention’s SmarTexLab, many instruments in the lab can be intelligently interconnected, and brands, labs, and the supply chain can share the test status and results in real-time, which will make the lab testing more transparent. He also said that in order to improve the internal laboratory information management system and achieve paperless testing as soon as possible, SGS and ChiuVention need to start cooperation as soon as possible.

In addition, Mrs. Shita Damajanti, the head of the textile agency from the Indonesian government department, said that the digital lab of ChiuVention can help speed up the textile industry in Indonesia. Most importantly, she signed a contract with ChiuVention on the spot to reach strategic cooperation between the government and enterprises.

Ms. Reny Susanty, head of the laboratory of Adidas main supplier has long heard of ChiuVention’s smart testing solutions. This time, during her trip to ChiuVention from Indonesia to China, Ms. Reny Susanty,  was very optimistic about the prospects for cooperation between the two sides after visiting and experiencing ChiuVention’s innovative and intelligent ideas.


All customers were very interested in SmartTexLab APP developed by ChiuVention, and they all picked up their mobile phones to experience the smart test and feel the real-time control of the test process and results.

Take a closer look at our Smart Textile Testing Instruments. Our testing machines can perform more than 100 types of textile tests, such as yarn test, fabric test, shoes test, etc. and more than 30 types of textile physical properties testings, such as abrasion test, pilling test, bursting test, tensile test, etc. and those testings can be carried out on more than 100 types of test standards.


smart textile testerssmart textile testers

ChiuVention is a brand registered in Europe, the United States, and China, focusing on textile and footwear smart testing instruments, its predecessor was founded in 2010, TESTEX, headquartered in Dongguan, China, through a network of agents around the world, sold in 42 countries and regions. In 2020, ChiuVention started the intelligent transformation and launched the new brand globally with fully upgraded intelligent textile laboratory systems and instruments at ITMA2023 in Milan, Italy.  At ITMA2023, ChiuVention’s revolutionary and innovative instrumentation and SmarTexLab system gained wide international attention and recognition from industry benchmarks such as Adidas, Decathlon, and relevant research institutes, universities, and standards organizations.

ChiuVention has gained a good reputation over the past ten years serving third-party testing organizations such as BV, SGS, Intertek, and sports brands such as Andromeda, NIKE, Adidas, Decathlon, etc. Now, ChiuVention is the first to launch an intelligent laboratory system—SmarTexLab and intelligent instruments in the international digital era, which will help upgrade the traditional textile laboratory in the near future by working closely with major international and domestic fashion brands. In the near future, through close cooperation with major international and domestic fashion brands, it will help upgrade the traditional textile laboratory to digital intelligence and then lead the textile and apparel at the forefront of science and technology and fashion.