ChiuVention ——The Leader Of Smart Textile Testing Instruments

——The Leader Of Smart Textile Testing Instruments

1.The Brand birth background
ChiuVention was born in the digital age. In this era, the middle class is growing and the demand for clothing and fashion products is increasingly diverse. This means that the textile testing process must also be accelerated.
ChiuVention is a high-tech enterprise focused on the research and development and sales of Smart Testing Instruments in the textile industry. Located in Dongguan, Guangdong, the heart of “Made in China”,we provide smart, easy-to-use, and reliable testing instruments and solutions, enabling textile customers to quickly obtain reliable test results and easily develop “fast fashion” products with advance specialization, intelligence, standardization.

2.The Brand Advantages
Automate the whole testing procedure, from test material recognition, selection of test process to test report analysis and real time transmission of results.
The whole process can be remotely inititated, monitored and controlled via our SmartTexLab mobile app. Additionally you will get automatic reminders for maintenance, calibration and consumable replenishment.

2.2 360°SUPPORT:
We can offer you high quality service, lab building assistance and are eager to support you with our deep knowledge of textiles and testing instruments.

With high quality standards and intensive test procedures we ensure that all our instruments meet our requirements for a high repeatability and reproducibility.

3. The Quality Standard
3.1 Strictly meet standards:
All data for each instrument meet the standard parameters.

3.2 Consistency with international third party laboratories:
All test data are comparable to the test results obtained by well-known in
ernational third party laboratories.

3.3 High repeatability:
The same set of samples, the same machine, after multiple tests, the results are consistent.

3.4 High reproducibility:
The same set of samples, different machines of the same model,
after multiple tests, the results are consistent.

3.5 Longer service life:
For all the machines manufactured by TESTEX, before mass production, prototypes are made and required to pass the strict Reliability Test, i.e. tested under challenging environments such as high and low temperature, high speed and high load, and etc., to ensure the expected serving life no less than 8 years.

4.The Brand image
4.1 The Brand Purpose and core values:
We want to influence the world to become a fair place.
We believe that digitalisation and improved workflows, combined with quick and new testing applications, make a valuable contribution to our customers on their mission to create sustainable, high-quality and long-lasting products.

4.2 The Brand Positioning:
With self-explanatory, easy-to-use instruments, we enable our customers to achieve consistent and proven test results.
We provide our customers with innovative and reliable testing equipment and support them in every stage.
We develop and produce intelligent, highly efficient test equipment/ machines that shorten reaction times and enable real-time analysis.
We offer a full service package, from the initial idea, the set-up of the laboratory, the commissioning of the laboratory, up to the support during the daily tests.

4.3 The Brand Personality:
4.3.1 The Brand archetype:

4.3.2 The Brand Characteristics of Creatore:
Innovative,open minded, user-oriented,brake the status quo.

4.3.3 The Brand Mission:
The Leader Of Smart Textile Testing Instruments.

5.Deeper Cooperation , Greater Future
We believe cooperation with customers is the best way of developing new user friendly products.We have established deep relationships with many textile and apparel giants.

5.1 ANTA Group:
Cooperation Projects:Smart Washing Liquid Filling Machine, Smart PH Testing Machine
In October 2019, ChiuVention and ANTA began working together ,through the Lab Digital Solutions,significantly improved the speed of quality testing and the ability to informally manage the supply chain.

5.2 TexWinca Group:
Cooperation Projects:Smart Sample Cutting Machine, SmartShrink Rate Tester, Automatic Crockmeter LIMS(Laboratory Information Management System).

SmartShrink Rate Tester
In June 2021, TexWinca and ChiuVention cooperated to establish a laboratory information system ,has improved the speed of laboratory quality testing, reduced labor cost, speeded up delivery cycle and gotten more customer orders.

6.The part of the family products overview
ChiuVention is serving textile customers, so we quickly found a solution to help the textile industry meet the challenge: we developed a series of intelligent and automated textile testing instruments, as well as SmarTexLab intelligent textile laboratory, which connects all the links of textile testing, and completes a series of textile one-stop with IOT automation, mobile app and other technologies and functions testing needs, which greatly improves testing efficiency, saves manpower and time for textile customers, shortens order cycle, and subsequently creates more economic benefits.
What’s more, from brand buyers to suppliers, they can monitor the testing process and get the results in real time on the cell phone, and the testing records of each link can be traced. It makes textile testing more transparent, reliable and efficient.

6.1 SmartPull Tensile Tester

6.1.1 The Application of SmartPull Tensile Tester:
SmartPull Tensile Tester is mainly used for tension, compression, bending, tearing, shearing, peeling and top-breaking tests of textiles, leather and footwear, etc.

6.1.2 The Features of SmartPull Tensile Tester:
•Safety guarantee for the whole testing process
Equipped with intelligent and active displacement and torque alarm system, overload and emergency stop device, up and down travel limiting device, always keep the testing process safe and stable.

• Powerful software
The test software can be applied to different languages, and can present the displacement, maximum force, elongation, stress, maximum stress, bending stress, speed and other test results. That is ,getting more comprehensive test indicators.

• Applicable up to 26 standards
There are a total of 26 standards and optional standards, such as ISO 3377, ISO 13935, ISO 13937, ISO 20932, ISO 4674, ASTM 5034, ASTM D4964-96, GB/T 3917.5-2009, FZ/T 01030-2016, etc.

• Easy operation
Multi-functional pneumatic gripper, just replace the clips to complete different tests, easy and quick to replace. No need to replace the sensor when do tensile tests and top breaking tests.

• Unique design
Unique appearance design combined with sense of technology, surface aluminum alloy hard oxidation treatment, durable.

• User-friendly
Side cutting design, more user-friendly.

6.2 AirFiient Air Permeability Tester

6.2.1 The Application of AirFiient Air Permeability Tester:
AirFiient Air Permeability Tester is suitable for a variety of textiles including technical fabrics, non-woven fabrics and other breathable products such as sponges and paper and other materials for air permeability testing. The principle is that the air passes vertically through the fabric, forming a certain pressure difference between the front and back sides of the fabric, measuring the amount of air flowing through the fabric unit area per unit time under a certain pressure difference, thus obtaining the air permeability value.

6.2.2 The Features of AirFiient Air Permeability Tester:
•Accurate and fast testing, easy access to test results
Innovative test model with maintenance-free, non-depleting range conversion components, high repeatability of test results and high reliability.

• IOT function
Real-time remote monitoring of test status, simultaneous transfer of test reports to the cell phone terminal, and export and printing.

• Smart human-computer interaction interface
Guides the operation test, simple and easy to get started, no learning cost.

• The test standards are set in the program
One key to reach the test standard in need, fast and efficient.

• Automatic identification of test fixture heads
That applicable to different ranges. Can be set arbitrarily different national standard parameters, units, test results without conversion.

• High-quality core components
Equipped with international brands of imported pressure sensors, to further ensure the accuracy of test data.

6.3 AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber

6.3.1 The Application of AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber:
AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber is used for testing the performance of various materials under different environmental conditions. It is suitable for testing the heat resistance, cold resistance, dry resistance, wet resistance, and other properties of materials. The testing chamber is applicable for quality testing of products ,such as electronics, electrical appliances, mobile phones, communication devices, instruments, vehicles, plastic products, metals, food, chemicals, construction materials, medical equipment, and aerospace products.

6.3.2 The Features of AtmoExplorer Temperature & Humidity Chamber:
• Wide range of appliations
AtmoExplorer can simulate high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, low humidity, and is suitable for testing requirements in various fields and industries such as electronics, materials research, medicine, automobiles, food, etc.

• Excellent both on control precision and uniformity of temperature and humidity
Temperature and humidity control precision: ±0.5°C; ±3°CRH, Temperature and humidity uniformity: ±2°C; ±3.0%RH.

• Achieve heating and cooling quickly
When unloaded,the AtmoExplorer can achieve heating from room temperature to 100°C within 30 minutes, It can also achieve cooling from room temperature to -40°C within 60 minutes.

• Intuitive and practical screen, easy to operate
AtmoExplorer has a 7-inch large touch screen that displays information in both Chinese and English. The set values (SV) and actual values (PV) of temperature and humidity are displayed directly, as well as the currently
executing program number, segment information, remaining time, and number of cycles. It also has a separate program editing screen.

• Stable operation, originated from high-quality insulation materials and humidifiers
The heating element is made of spring-type nickel-chromium wire,and the humidifier is a UL-shaped humidifier in the form of stainless steel electric steam generation.

• High quality refrigeration system and refrigeration auxiliary parts
Tecumseh fully hermetic high efficiency compressor from France, solenoid valve from Japan, and pressure controller and oil separator of international famous brand.

• A variety of safety protection
The burn prevention switch,the high-pressure protection for the compressor,the overheating protection for the compressor, the over current protection for the compressor,the no-fuse switch protection,the short-term water shortage alarm and the long-term water shortage shutdown protection.

• Various sizes can be customized
such as 80L, 150L, 225L, 408L, 800L, 1000L.

6.4 Smartindale Martindale Abrasion &Pilling Tester

6.4.1 The Application of Smartindale Martindale Abrasion&Pilling Tester:
The Smartindale Martindale Abrasion&Pilling Tester is designed to determine the abrasion and pilling properties of various textile structures. A circular specimen is placed on the grinding head and, under the prescribed pressure, is placed in planar contact with a standard woolen abrasive fixed on the grinding table and rubbed in a multi-directional translation according to the LISSAJOUS trajectory (a composite trajectory of two mutually perpendicular resonant motions) until the specimen is ground to aprescribed number of times and the instrument stops automatically. Then the number of abrasion or pilling is compared with the standard parameters and the result is obtained. It can test the abrasion resistance and pilling performance of cotton, hemp, silk woven fabrics and other textiles, membrane materials,
knitted fabrics, woolen textiles, artificial leather, synthetic leather, gloves, labor protection materials, etc.

6.4.2 The Features of Smartindale Martindale Abrasion&Pilling Tester:
•The original digital drive, achieve a higher level of test accuracy
Smartindale replaced the traditional analog drive with a digital drive, an exclusive innovation in the industry, the combination of dual servo motors, microcontroller, embedded, mathematical model, point-to-point drive, etc.,
single point directly generated LISSAJOUS, with higher precision and reliability of the equipment.

• Unique calibration-free function
The dual action of servo drive and position sensor allows the instrument to continuously achieve accurate testing.

• Smart instruments, IOT function
Can be networked with cell phones, set parameters on the cell phone, monitor the test status, get equipment warning reminders, supplies replenishment reminders, etc., and share equipment test status with one click.

• Test modes can switch by one-touch
No need to change pins, direct on-screen switching to achieve multiple test modes (e.g. straight line mode, large trajectory mode, small trajectory mode).

• Humanized design, safer guarantee
lifting arm beam, moving guide plate can be operated by one hand and automatically closed, anti-collision, more friendly to testers.

• Precision manufacturing, stable operation
The fixture rotates flexibly, the grinding table and specimen fixture are highly parallel, and the machine has a small runout with the surface of the grinding table (less than 0.05mm), which is more conducive to obtaining
reliable test results.

7.International Team,International ChiuVention
Core management are from world-class textile testing companies,more than half of ChiuVention’s staffs are research and development engineers.
The marketing and service team is led by consultant-style experts with over 20 years of experience in textile instrument sales and service.
We have same mission,to improve the quality of textile and apparel with smart instruments and make ChiuVention the global leader of smart textile instruments.

7.1 Business Management Strategic Consultant:
DR.GEORG SCHROEDER,Former President of BYK-Gardner (the global leader of instruments for testing color, appearance champion in its field with 60% market share). Dr. Schroeder has been a long-term consultant providing strategic business planning and management consulting for ChiuVention since 2019.


7.2 General Manager:
FORREST CHIU,16-year experience on machine engineering, senior engineer on machine designing and products testing, vice-president in Dongguan Industry and Trade Development Promotion Association.


7.3 R&D Director:
ALVIN,over 18 years of R&D management experience in a leading international textile testing instrument company, he joined ChiuVention as R&D Director in 2020.


8.Meet ITMA, recruiting agents
ChiuVention is setting sail to open a global distributorship, and we hope you will seize this valuable opportunity to explore the blue ocean of intelligent textile testing instruments with us.
In the summer of 2023, at the ITMA in Milan, Italy, ChiuVention will be unveiled for the first time and conduct brand and new product launch. We have prepared 9 smart textile testing instruments for you to experience on site, and you can also experience the SmarTexLab smart textile lab on your cell phone to experience the latest innovations in textile testing. Most importantly, we have developed a very attractive agent cooperation policy and will host a separate dinner to receive you and explain the detailed policy to you. We look forward to your visit to our booth, E301, Hall4, Milan International Fair.
ChiuVention, is a brand of high level textile testing instruments, which means a longer-term relationship and considerable value for you. Let’s meet at the ITMA this summer!