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Customer Success Story: Lithuanian Third-party Testing Agency

A Lithuanian third-party testing agency, specializing in testing of fibers, industrial textiles, garments and apparel, with more than 100 people. They learned about ChiuVention from a search on Facebook and Youtube. The testing agency plans to purchase instruments that can do air permeability testing of masks.

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This third-party testing agency needs to conduct a large number of air permeability tests on masks every day, and hopes to purchase a testing instrument that can output the test results easily and conveniently, and preferably can transmit the test results paperless, so that it no longer needs to manually record the test results one by one, thus saving labor costs.

ChiuVention’s AirFicient is the perfect solution for this customer’s needs.

The AirFicient is easy to operate, with test standards and measurement units selected on the operating screen. The instrument also automatically recognizes the different ranges of the test fixture head. This air permeability tester is also equipped with innovative test modes and the range conversion components are maintenance-free, no loss, bringing high repeatability and reliability to test results.

And AirFicient Air Permeability Tester can be connected through Wi-Fi with the SmarTexLab App (developed by ChiuVention) installed in the smartphones, the customer can set parameters, monitor the test status, receive equipment warning reminders, etc., and share test results with the quality control department or brand buyers.


Air Permeability Tester

Why ChiuVention

AirFicient  Air Permeability Tester fully met the needs of this Lithuanian testing agency.

The instrument is not only very easy to operate, but also fully capable of being shared test results remotely, which can greatly reduce labor costs;

After watching ChiuVention’s series of videos on social media, the customer knew that ChiuVention is a company that developed intelligent textile testing instruments, not only instruments with excellent performance, but also software that supports laboratory management (such as SmarTexLab, App, etc., which will be a very promising company.

What AirFicient Air Permeability Tester contributes to this factory?

It helped the textile testing agency to complete a large number of air permeability tests for masks and other textiles every day.

The test results are very reliable and recognized by their customers;
The instrument is very practical, such as 16 kinds of measurement units can be selected, 5 kinds of test heads can be selected, which can meet most of the test standards.



Regular calibration to ensure the reliability of the instrument and the safety of the operator

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