Customer Success Case: TEXWINCA Knitted Fabric Factory

TEXWINCA is a large-scale knitted fabric factory, invested in HongKong in 1992, with an annual production value of nearly $700 million. TEXWINCA needs to do a lot of fabric testing every day, which requires a lot of manual operation, of which the shrinkage rate test is more labor-intensive, and the testing process is complicated, what’s worse, the more the test samples, the more error there is. Therefore, TEXWINCA hopes to have a faster and better solution for shrinkage rate testing.

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ChiuVention Market Researchers visited TEXWINCA to learn about the conventional shrinkage testing process, in which the worker who measures the data needs to use a ruler to measure the distance between the marked dots before and after the fabric is washed and to calculate the difference between the washings.


When there is a large number of test samples, this work takes too much time and the numerical errors can occur very frequently. Based on this, ChiuVention realized there was a great market prospect, and it is meaningful to create a special instrument to measure the shrinkage rate. After more than a year of contact, ChiuVention delivered a satisfactory testing solution – SmartShrink Shrinkage Rate Tester.

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Why ChiuVention

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SmartShrink is perfect for efficient and accurate shrinkage rate testing.

SmartShrink takes a picture of a fabric sample by using a camera equipped on the top, automatically measuring the distances between the marked dots, and calculates the test results by the patented vision inspection algorithm of ChiuVention.

SmartShrink automatically measures fabric shrinkage and calculates the test results, avoiding manual errors and making the test more accurate and reliable; the whole process of the test has been reduced from 6 minutes to only 5 seconds, making the test faster and reducing the labor cost by more than 90%.

What SmartShrink contributes to TEXWINCA?

Save $30,000/year for TEXWINCA textile testing labs.

SmartShrink can complete single shrinkage rate test in 5 seconds, so it can save 2 laborer for TEXWINCA, which means at least $30,000/year;

Can be connected to ERP or LIMS system.

The test results can be directly uploaded to the factory’s ERP or laboratory LIMS system. SmartShrink can help TEXWINCA manage shrinkage test data conveniently and efficiently, to select the fabric faster and accelerate the order production.

Customer Success Case: TEXWINCA Knitted Fabric Factory


Regular calibration to ensure the reliability of the instrument and the safety of the operator

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