Customer Success Story: Why SmartPull Tensile Tester

A printed fabric factory in Cambodia with more than 200 worker, they came into contact with ChiuVention’s parent company (TESTEX) at a trade show many years ago. And they purchased a series of testing equipment (e.g. color fastness to washing tester, rubbing fastness tester) before. In 2023, some textile testing equipment needed to be upgraded and ChiuVention became their choice again.


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The customer needed good quality textile testing machine to test the tension performance of fabric. ChiuVention provided them with the SmartPull tensile tester. The customer compared a number of tensile testers on the market and found that  SmartPull can achieve more accurate test (within 1%), could be applicable for more standards (over 20 standards), and could present a more comprehensive range of test results (e.g., displacement, maximum force, elongation, stress, maximum stress, bending stress, speed), which is of more practical to them, they finally chose SmartPull.

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Seven Indonesian Customers Visit to ChiuVention: Seeking Smart Testing Solutions


Why ChiuVention

Having known each other for many years and this customer purchased other instruments from ChiuVention company before, so in their eye the quality is good and the after-sales service is excellent;


ChiuVention team is trustworthy, one-third of the staff are R&D engineers, and the hardware and software are always being upgraded, so they have more confidence in the textile testing machines of ChiuVention.


How is the instrument running?

The SmartPull runs very smoothly and is easy to operate, besides, it can do tests quickly and provide reliable results; It enhanced the efficiency of the laboratory work; the operators were very satisfied with the instrument.



Regular calibration to ensure the reliability of the instrument and the safety of the operator

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