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Customer Success Story: Home Textile Dyeing and Finishing Company in Indonesia

A home textile dyeing and finishing company in Indonesia, with home textile dyeing and finishing, warp knitting dyeing and finishing, tube dyeing, strand dyeing, silk dyeing, seven-color section dyeing and so on as the main business. More than 500 people. They learned about ChiuVention through google search. This factory planed to purchase a batch of instruments that can do fabric bursting strength test.

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This printing and dyeing factory wanted to purchase a fabric bursting strength tester that could provide more convenient, accurate and reliable testing. After visiting local suppliers in Indonesia and trying out some of the testers, they found that the operation was complicated and the accuracy of the test was not good enough.


ChiuVention’s R&D engineers took an operational video for the dyeing company, in which the customer can see the performance of ChiuVention’s HydroBurst Bursting Strength Tester.


The pressure measurement part is equipped with a high-precision pressure sensor, with accuracy up to 0.2, which means the deviation is 0.2% of the maximum range.

And HydroBurst is equipped with the Panasonic laser dis-placement sensors which have no rod and are easy to replace testing cups, and has a longer service life.

And in the whole testing process, the operator only need to prepare the test sample, and then start the fabric bursting strength test according to the PLC panel step by step, and the instrument has the design of the safety shield. The customer is very satisfied with this.

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Why ChiuVention

They researched and studied the background of ChiuVention and knew that ChiuVention have been in R&D of textile testing instruments for 13 years;


Then ChiuVention has an agent in Indonesia, which is more convenient for after-sales service for this customer.


And the most important point is this HydroBurst meets the requirements in all aspects of performance and cost-effective.

What HydroBurst bursting strength tester contributes to this company?

HydroBurst is very popular among the testers. When testers change test cups for testing, the system will automatically recognize the model of the current test cups and switch the test parameters automatically, without manual operation, which greatly improves work efficiency. Of course, the most important thing is that the instrument runs smoothly all the time, helping the dyeing and printing factory to complete the series of fabric tests quickly, which helps to improve the efficiency of fabric quality management significantly.



Regular calibration to ensure the reliability of the instrument and the safety of the operator

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